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Our Simple Process


After outlining your requirements and getting a complete understanding of what you need, our team provide a unique design, tailored to your site. This takes into account all approval guidelines, as well as your budget.


Regardless of the approval pathway your project needs to take, we arrange all necessary documentation required and submit it to the Council/Certifier for you. Approvals can be a delicate process, and working with a team that’s experienced in your development type, size, style as well as location is critical.


Once you’re ready, we connect you with the right builder for your project size and location. Our experience and connections mean you don’t need to worry about searching for reliable or trustworthy builders when they are readily available and presented to you.

Our Services


Simple extensions to complicated re-configurations, we can help. Our team are experts in home renovations and are ready to provide you a seamless, cost effective service.

Home Renovation Plans

New Homes

Ready to build your dream home? We work with you and listen to your requirements to bring your vision to life. Our One Stop Shop means a streamlined process for you.

New Home Designs


From investment developments to long term family homes, we can create a dual occupancy home tailored to your site, requirements and local Council guidelines.

Duplex Designs

Granny Flats

Open plan, modern design and fast approvals. If you are considering building a granny flat, we’d love to assist. Perfect for extended families or a small investment.

Granny Flat Designs

About Renovate Plans

Vibrant, innovative and professional. Renovate Plans is a young and energetic team of designers who listen to your requirements and generate a tailored solution for each and every unique project. Our experienced draftsman cater for simple and complex building designs of all shapes and sizes.

We deliver results and exceed expectations. No unreturned phone calls or unnecessary complexities. Our team guide you from concept to approval, so you can continue your day to day activities hassle free.

Renovate Plans is dedicated to creating places for people to live meaningful, happy and healthy lives in. With a wealth of knowledge in the building design industry and a commitment to our clients, it’s no wonder we have so many satisfied clients!

Why Choose Us

We are a medium sized team that provides a direct personalised service. You won’t be passed from designer to designer, with no idea where your project is upto. Our team size means you’re always kept in the loop and not lost in the mess of large company structures.

We use innovative technology to provide our service to you. With the use of up to date architecutral software, our designs can be displayed in 3D to help you gauge each aspect of your home.

We take pride in each and every project, no matter the size. Our team are ambitious and hard-working designers, meaning you won’t be left waiting months to have your project complete. Our pace is a comfortable speed where each element is conisdered in a timely manner.

Council and Private Certifiers can be difficult to understand. With a mutual respect and relationship with many Council’s in Sydney as well as Private Certifiers, we can assist you in creating an application that is geared for success.

To keep your project simple and allow you to live a hassle free, day to day life, we arrange and/or include all services needed for your project. Our relationship with our consultants means a cost-effective and simplistic process for all.


Similar to an architect, a draftsman prepares building plans for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

In the past, a draftsman would work under the guidance of an architect and do all the detailing of a design sketch. Through the advancement of CAD technologies, the industry changed and so did the role of the common draftsman.

Now, complete building packages are prepared by draftsmen/building designers. The Building Designers Association of Australia estimates that 75-80% of residential work is completed by draftsmen/designers.

A floor plan is essentially a map view or layout at one level of a building. Floor plans are scaled drawings with dimensions, room names, window and doors shown in relation to the property boundaries.

An elevation is a flat view looking directly at the facade of a building, dependant on the direction it faces. Example: The “north” or “northern” elevation of a building would be the face which is facing north.

A section is an imaginary line cutting through a plan and creating a “cut through” projection view. This showns the levels of the floor, walls, roof and other elements in relation to the ground level as well as key details required for your project.

A shadow diagram is an architectural drawing required by council for any new dwellings and most renovations/extensions. A shadow diagram is measured at the summer solstice (December 21st), winter solstice (June 21st) and the equinox (either March 21 or September 21). The times required are usually 9am, 12 noon and 3pm.

A statement of environmental effects is a report that explains the likely impacts of the proposal. Larger proposals also may require impacts of air, noise, traffic or efficiency to be explained. Standard residential statement of environmental effects are sufficient if they include:

  • The site and it’s environment
  • Location of site
  • Site description
  • Exisiting & surrounding development
  • Proposed development
  • Local environmental plan & DCP compliance table
  • Non-compliances
  • Matters for consideration – Section 79C

Testimonials - What Our Clients Are Saying

"...Macky was a pleasure to work with, very responsive and such a quick turn around on any modifications we made. Nothing was too much trouble for him...."

Tara Gemmell

"...If you are looking for convenience, expertise, a sense of urgency and a smooth approach Renovate Plans is the place to go! I am over satisfied with the service provided and cant believe how little effort i had to put in with such a perfect outcome. Its not everyday you can trust someone to deliver on a promise, my promise was fulfilled. I cannot recommend a better draftsman!! Thank you so much you have made our dream house a reality...."

Venessa Oliveira

"...Totally happy with service 10/10 rating 10/10 for professionalism and responsiveness..... I have been more than happy with the service I have received.... The emphasis has always been on making the client happy and not on fees and charges..... I will continue to use Macky and his team in the future and will gladly recommend him to anyone in need of a draftsman/designer......."

Stevie Hollai

"...The service was outstanding and I would recommend Macky to my friends and family. Macky was very attentive and really cared about our vision and what we were trying to achieve. His professionalism and experience made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. It was nice to know that he was always available when we had questions and was genuine with all advice given. 10/10..."

Renae Gilbert

"...I am thrilled with the service I have received from Macky and Renovate Plans so far. Due to Macky’s responsiveness and knowledge of the DA and CDC process I have been able to turnaround an application for fitout works, change of use and change of operating hours within 7 days; saving my company a substantial amount of money. Macky has been extremely engaged in the process and has taken ownership for the delivery of results; our relationship has felt like a real partnership. Speaking from my experience I can comfortably say, “Trust Renovate Plans to deliver the results you need. Choose them for your drafting and consulting needs...."

Cork & Chroma
B.J. Wall

"...Thank you Macky, it has a been a real pleasure dealing with you through this process. You have been extremely responsive and attended to all matters promptly. Even when things looked like they were going off track, you were very quick to find a solution. You were also very patient with my many questions! I especially appreciated your time in be able to meet with me outside of normal business hours. This was a real help to us. I would not hesitate in recommending you, as you have certainly made this journey as easy as possible...."

Brooke Holland

"...It has been such a pleasure to work with Macky on my home reno. it is very rare to work with someone that is as responsive, clear, patient, trustworthy and always happy to help. i would confidently recommend his services without hesitation...."

Chanelle Collier
Heritage Townhouse Renovation

"...Macky is really helpful and professional, I’d definitely recommend him if you need plans made...."

Jason Chiu
Design Services

"...Macky from Renovate Plans was very helpful during the design process. He was efficient in getting the design to us and willing to review any changes we had decided to make. The process was smooth and trouble free...."

Clair Dawson
New Build
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