A crucial element of any development is the engineering. After the surveying and building design is complete, we arrange high quality engineering services which must be complete prior to any construction works are carried out. Stormwater and structural engineering are required for the majority of our projects and as such we offer plans for our clients.

Stormwater Management Plan

Stormwater Engineering

Stormwater design or hydraulic engineering consists of planning and designing the most appropriate methods of dispersing the water that falls onto your site through rain and flooding.

To do this, our engineers require electronic copies of your survey and architectural plans to determine the size of the surfaces that catch water as well as the distance any pipework must travel to connect to a stormwater or sewer system and the location of the line.

This crucial element of a development must be prepared at DA stage or prior to submission to a certifier for complying development. If you’re proposal does not consist of roof changes or new stormwater connections, it is likely that a stormwater plan is not needed. This is also the case for minor connections to existing stormwater lines.

Downpipe Connection

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering dictates the span tables of beams in the floor and roof framing as well as pier and footing set outs, which carry the load of the entire building.

The beams needed in your building are all specified by our engineers and take the guess-work out for your builder. Any new homes or renovations including exterior works or removal of a structural wall do require structural engineering services.

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