Extension Without Planning Permission

Are you considering an extension? Then you should consider planning permission.

Local Council’s and State Government are constantly striving to improve planning controls and information regarding residential, commercial and industrial developments. There are a vast selection of planning tools to assist home owners, builders, draftsmen/building designers, architects and developers in understanding the codes and regulations applicable to their development.

Building an extension without planning permission can go downhill very quickly, resulting in demolition of unauthorised works, penalties/fines or even prosecution if the works are not demolished accordingly.

Are you in trouble with your local council about an extension without planning permission? Contact us now to find out how we can help. The design process at RenovatePlans is very straightforward so why extend without consent? The more details provided on the matter, the more simple it will be for us to provide a solution.

A “building certificate” may be an option provided by your council, where all drawings of the build (before and after) are submitted formally.

If you are after simple advice on exempt development or what you can build without planning permission, the tools available are:

  1. NSW Planning Portal
  2. NSW Interactive Buildings for Exempt Development
  3. State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008

1. The NSW Planning Portal offers an insight on development constraints and property information as well as Council details and renovation checklists.

2. NSW Interactive Buildings for Exempt Development is a great interactive graphic tool representing residential, commercial and industrial models of the building you are proposing to develop. Upon selecting the development you propose, key planning controls are listed. If the proposal follows those key planning controls you may be eligible to build without planning permission.

3. If you are after plain black and white writing of the legislation regarding exempt development codes refer to this link. Tip: Look at division 2, part 2 and schedule 2. You will be able to find the codes relevant to exempt development here.